Microsoft auto-updates bug in Xbox software without permission

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Sundog reports that Microsoft is updating their
Xbox consoles when you connect via Xbox Live, the online gaming network for the
console. This is nothing special really but the…

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The Xbox is not a computer first of all. Maybe it uses computer parts and it can be turned into a computer by adding a keyboard, mouse and hacking it to run linux but it is definitely not sold or marketed as one. The entire process to reverse-engineer the Xbox to the point to be able to install Linux on it probably breaks ten times as many laws as MS is accused of regarding its forced XBLive update. People spend more time and energy to install Linux on an Xbox but an Xbox is not really that cheap considering what you end up with. It only has 64MB RAM, 733Mhz P3 and an 8 gig HDD. No keyboard, VGA output or mouse (you have to add these yourself which requires making or purchasing specialized cables). After all is done you may end up running Linux in 640x480 - wooohooo! If you add up all the costs you can probably buy just as fast of a computer that runs linux better for less money.

There are a few good reasons to run linux on the xbox #1 it hurts Microsoft. #2 the video output from the xbox is very high quality it’s hard to come up with a low cost standard platform for linux that supports over scan (edge to edge screen) HDTV modes, at any price. If only the xbox had an mpeg2/4 chip it would be a sweet media box. But what is going on with the XBOX is a free preview of how PCs will work once the Global Wintel DRM system is in place, your system will be upgraded and perhaps downgraded without your control. And once the DRM is in place all software will switch to a rental so regardless if they upgrade it or not you will keep on paying.

M$ sucks. They shouldn’t do things to YOUR Xbox without telling you specifically what thier doing first.

MS told people that they were going to update the Xbox to Live 2.0 ages ago. They shouldn’t need to tell you that they are fixing a bug that allows non-authorised software to be installed on the system. It’s not sold as a PC, its a Games console just like Sony PS2, 1 or GameCube. I am 100% sure that if it were Sony or Nintendo in the same situation that they too would fix the bugs and that would be it. If you want to run Linux by a PC don’t bitch about MS not letting you convert their game’s console!!

@sorti: Ehm… Your first point doesn’t make a lot of sense. If you want to ‘hurt’ MS, why not buy a Playstation? Since you bought an Xbox to begin with, you support MS in someway already…
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Oh I’m sorry I’ll explain. The Xbox is sold at a loss. So you buy it and only watch DVDs on it you cost Micro$oft money. They only make back the money after you buy something like 10+ games.

That’s nice to know sorti, because I have only bought like 5 games so far, so that means M$ lost some money on me. That’s good to hear.

This is what the future of computing is coming to if people don’t stick together. Computers that only do what microsoft says ok. and of course microsoft won’t say it’s ok unless it generates lots and lots and lots of money, (even though they have more then they could ever reasonably spend). So say goodbye to open source and linux.

@chsbiking erm, this is not entirely true, there’s alot of stuff going on in the IT bizniss that Microsoft can’t touch, so as far as I am concerned, they can be bitching and moaning all day long. Xbox is created by Microsoft, they must “obey” Microsoft. But if I buy a computer (i mean a PC) from an independent company and find out thet it’s stuck to work only with Windows, then I sue them and win.

Does this update also stop the XBMP? If yes what about people buying an XBox in 3 months, maybe the update is installed already and you can’t use XBMP. That would really suck!

Oi Oi !!!.. let me get the argument here… RIAA sends bots to your computer to check if you have illegal music ( no physical changes apart from the intrusion) and people are beating on their doors wanting to lynch some bastard…Microsoft change the operating system of the Xbox ?? (without permission) and that ok ??.. its in the contract…read the fine print ???..does it also say in the fine print that bill gates can come around and screw your wife/girlfriend/mother…when his wife won’t blow him ???..or didn’t anybody read that. Lets have some consistancy here, we got people changing sides faster than a bi-polar politician…invasion of privacy is invasion of privacy…and no one signs away their right to privacy…even in the pharkin fine print…and if m$crosh$t think their eula gives them that right, I believe it could be found questionable. Not withstanding that ignorance is no defence, contracts aren’t written so as the average dunderklumpin (like me) has an immediate grasp of their rights… lets be truthful, who really reads the fine print or the pharkin EULA…we buy and use hoping it doesn’t shit itself before time or if it does we won’t get screwed by the company…both of which happen far to frequently as we find out AFTER…much to our loss…MY pharkin machine I do what I like with it, I run what I like on it…until I see a rental agreement instead of a purchase reciept…MY PHARKIN MACHINE…:X

The difference between the RIAA and MS is that you are giving MS consent to update the service you are using. If you use the Live service, you agree to their terms. If you do not approve, unplug the damn thing…and maybe stop paying for the service. There’s no law forcing you to always have an Xbox online. It really is that simple. I have yet to understand why anyone is suprised and/or indignant about something so patently (pardon the pun) obvious and predictable.

I said that’s what computing is coming to. I didn’t say that’s where it’s at. You can’t sue someone for making a computer that only works with windows. Proof of this is the Winmodem. You know those modems that only work with Windows. So if you own one your locked down into using windows, or your out luck until someone hacks together a linux driver for it. Hey why were winmodems invented anyway, you don’t think something fishy was going on here do you? You don’t think they were trying to lock people down into using something they didn’t want to do you? Besides they’re not making computers that only work with Windows. Microsoft is trying to make a computer that will run other operating systems but if you do you’ll lose all your features. If their DRM shit becomes main stream like they hope, Your PC will have to be equiped with it to use all the DRM features. If you don’t have a MS-PC you won’t be able to read DRM protection office documents, you won’t be able to get DRM protected email from people. You won’t be able to listen to DRM protected music, and you won’t be able to install DRM protected software, even if you own it. And once there’s a DRM solution for software that will stop illegal copying do you really think anybody would make software for another system. No they’ll all want their product protected. So they can make money off it. So you’ll have to have a MS-DRM equipped PC to install the software. So the only way you can fully support 100 percent of the content out there will be to own a windows PC and once they’ve taken that over the rest of the IT world is next. Unless of course you have an idea of how to read Microsoft DRM protected mail, and install Windows DRM protected software on linux. The best idea is to just stay away from it and let Microsoft know we don’t want our PC’s to be big giant incompatible Winmodems basically. But you can’t buy it and support it and pretend like Microsoft won’t try it. If there’s money involved they’ll try anything.
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