Microsoft attempts to re-enter living room with HD xBox 360 movies

I just posted the article Microsoft attempts to re-enter living room with HD xBox 360 movies.

If Microsoft succeeds in its way of delivering High Definition movies as it hopes, it looks like that if HD DVD and Blu-ray fail to grab much of a market share, HD movies delivered as downloads may…

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If Microsoft wants to bring the Xbox360 into the living room, then I suggest they make it compatible with movie watching. From what I can gather from Googling the Internet, the Xbox 360 is loud-very loud. IMHO It is going to be important to reduce fan noise to a minimum. MS should create devices using silent methods, e.g. larger slower running fans, liquid cooling or passive methods, for this purpose. Movies are different than games, as they have silent parts for a variety of reasons. I worry that the reported fan noise will disrupt the otherwise enjoyable movie experience. I would think this would be the priority and must already be on the minds of those at MS working on this new initiative: To engineer an appropriate device, that is at least as quiet as a present day DVD player or HTPC, for viewing in the entertainment room, prior to offering content to play upon it. IMHO, It seems they have placed the cart before the horse- a shopping cart of course. :wink:

No, the 360 is only loud when a DVD is in the drive. When playing videos and game demos off the hard drive, it is silent. However, when it is playing DVDs and being loud, its FREAKING unacceptably loud to the point that I had to move it to another room and run cables through the wall because I cannot stand it. Thank god for cheap USB extension cables and wireless controllers !!! Its ridiculous… Regarding these HD movie downloads, well MS, unfortunately my PATHETIC 20 GB hard drive is full of game demos with almost no space left, so unless you’re going to give me a bigger drive for free, where am I supposed to store a HD movie ? Let me guess, I have to buy a new hard drive so I can rent movies…F that !

Since it seems I can no longer edit my posts after the sire re-vamp, just to clarify my above statement, the 360 is load only when playing DVD games, not DVD movies. For movies the drive runs slower and so is more quiet (not silent however).

sounds like a joke, HD content over the internet? hah…

this came as a little bit of a shock. when it comes to consoles i’m a die hard microsoft fan, but i have to say there kind of jumping the gun here as the first thing that came to my head was theres only a 20gb hard drive in this beast. maybe they have plans to allow you to transfer content you’ve bought to your pc for burning. i think this comes at this time purely as a shock tactic for sony. i think microsoft want the best possible online experience cause thats the thing thats going to distingush the ps3 and 360, its no longer about exclusive games and graphics. theres always rumours about bigger hard drives for the 360, i think microsoft will have to release one now or this idea will turn out crap.

Now surely the size of the file all depends upon the compression method used, if something like mpeg-4 or wmv is used a hd-movie wont be anything near 25Gb. Considering you can download HD wmv clips from microsofts. for example one of the files is 3.33 long and 212mb @ 720p so using those figures a hour and a half hour long film is only 6.2Gb. From what i understand both blu-ray and HD-DVD are still using mpeg-2 compression which is not that efficient compared to some of the newer compression types available nowadays.