Microsoft asks for Xbox 360 component price cuts

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Microsoft is aiming to help make its Xbox 360 game console and HD DVD add-on more competitive by asking for a price reduction from its Taiwan-based component makers by an average of 5 to 15% on a…

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Yeah, but for a media player, the vacuum cleaner sound, coming out of the Xbox360, is not all that appealing… Maybe heavy metal fans will not notice it but if one is watching a quiet movie… :r

At last! ‘Old-style’ navigation links at the end of an article to take you to the next or previous article. Unfortunately, ‘next’ leads to the previous article and ‘previous’ leads to the next article. Still, almost as user-friendly as the old system :stuck_out_tongue:

The Xbox add-on HD-DVD player may be OK for today but because it’s not HDMI 1.3 it will not work best with the coming HDMI 1.3 displays. ----------