Microsoft appoints new CEO – Satya Nadella

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft appoints new CEO – Satya Nadella[newsimage][/newsimage]
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M$ playing safe again. No one from outside…

If they hired someone from the outside, that someone might turn out to be a freedom advocate. Next thing you know, Microsoft would start promoting a “Don’t be evil” philosophy, which might result in (gasp!) a reduction in profits. After all, it’s not as easy to make money when you give people real choices, especially when you inform them of the actual consequences.

[QUOTE=paulw2;2718372]M$ playing safe again. No one from outside…[/QUOTE]

Like I said in all postings related to W8 they are “Thinking inside of outside the box on the inside again” nothing new here but news is Billy is not the technology adviser to the new CEO that hints at there was more turmoil then M$ leads us to believe between Blunder ballamer and Billy…