Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta Takes Familiar Shape

The first drop of Microsoft Corp.'s “A1” security sauce has been spilled internally and it’s all systems go for a full-scale beta launch of an anti-spyware application within the next month.

A spokesperson for the software giant confirmed that a repackaged—and rebranded—version of the Giant AntiSpyware tool was released to employees for testing ahead of a public beta later this month.

“As part of its testing process, it is customary for Microsoft to first release the beta version of its product internally in order to gather further feedback before releasing publicly,” the spokesperson told

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Anti Virus and SpyWare have now been bought by Microsoft. What do we think. Bundled with Longhorn or as a seperate package for purchase? I would guess they were planned to be part of the upcoming new Windows system and to be shipped with it but after the European ruling that Windows must now also be shipped without Media Player so that people can choose to install something else on thier system I am guessing they won’t be intergrating these programs. Pity really because if they work there are badly needed in this day and age.

Free Anti Spy Ware Beta Download now avalible.

I dont know about this program, first of all it wants to uninstall my registered version of Flashget, a program I like very much and also it wants to get rid of eMule’s registerkeys.
And it nearly fooled me to set IE as my default browser again.
It did NOT however detect any tracking-cookies like Spybot and Adaware does.
No thumbs down Microsoft, smells like big brother fascism.