Microsoft announces Office 2019 for companies who “aren't yet ready for the cloud”

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Microsoft today announced a new version of its office software suite; Office 2019. The new version of Office should be released next year and is aimed at users and companies that are not yet ready for the cloud.

[quote]Office 2019 will include new features for customers who are “who aren’t yet ready for the cloud”[/quote]That’s a understatement considering all the beeches of online clouds and servers. I would trust cloud as much as BS comes out of my a88. Whom aren’t ready for cloud - I trust that ask much as I trust the current Putin standards. I like to use mine whenever/wherever and have no need for cloud(Server Farm) to insure prying eyes don’t see what I don’t want them to see. But I will most likely buy it when my Institution offers it for discount.