Microsoft announces HDDVD-addition to Xbox 360 and calls Sony pansies

Microsoft makes lots of valid points in their very long text found over here! I was just joking, it’s really over here!

If you buy a console … you don’t want it to “Grow”.

6 months after you fork out a crapload of cash for a console, you don’t want to have to fork out extra cash to upgrade ram, HD, miscellaneous new technology/expansion in order to play new games.

There are already systems available which require constant expensive upgrades to play … they’re called PC’s.

If you’ve missed it the xbox have always been a PC :wink:

i am a fan of console gaming and since the xbox arived i was emidiatly addicted to the console now the xbox 360 is here wel i bought it the first day it came out :stuck_out_tongue: but i wont mind if they add more to the console.
i would say let it grow :slight_smile:

and the thing about sony, they showed trailers of mgs 4 before the console was even made and now the console is introduced the graphics are not even much better then that of the xbox 360 so they did anounce allot of nonsense before

my thougts exactly (€ 350,00 plus … :eek: )

The xbox 360 was based on a PC & people converted them back into a PC, because as a PC, it was quite gutsy for the price & certainly very useful as a linux router/file & print server.

A console though is a fixed thing. You should not be told 6 months after forking out the $$$ that you are REQUIRED to fork out extra cash for a new drive/attachment/Ram upgrade/etc so you can play all new releases after a certain date.

You will not be required to do anything, MS says the games will always ship on a DVD. Only if you want to watch movies you can get the HDDVD-plugin.

I believe everything M$ says.

Blu-ray is better :iagree:
Though shalt bow down to the little blue man …

Bluray will set you back eight times more than a HD-plugin for 360 :stuck_out_tongue:
Or something.

But not if you buy it pre-installed in the superior console. :smiley:

No then it will only be four times as expensive.

Sony are pansies:bigsmile: Go XBOX!

will it come with free root kits as a sony bonus?