Microsoft and their digital media position

I just posted the article Microsoft and their digital media position…. used our newssubmit again to put our attention on an article at zdnet about Microsofts position towards digital media.

It seems this is getting more and more important for…

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I just don’t understand WMA DRM features. You can download a program to unwrap the WMA into an MP3. So why even bother with the DRM. Plus you can just record analog. Even the new dataplay disc will be able to make analog recordings of. I don’t understand this DRM thing.

correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this DRM thingy hinged on the ability (or inability) of hardware to reproduce copywrited programs per ceded media…as the RIAA wanted with the bill they’re trying to get pushed through senate …???

sorry that was coded media not ceded media…(@#$%^&#@keyboard)…:4

DRM is a fool’s errand. EVen if they can make it unbreakable, they’ll never get people to use it over legitimate formats. MS may be evil but they’re not stupid. They know which way the wind’s blowing. they’re just cashing in on the entertainment industry’s luddite stupidity.