Microsoft and Panasonic sort media mess with HighMAT

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When you create a CD or DVD on your computer it can sometimes be a problem to use these disc in your home CD/DVD players. According to CNET Microsoft and Panasonic will announce a new…

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Humm…wonder what type of Digital Rights Management they will pass along as well. It doesn’t make sense that MS is in bed with Hollywood and the makers of DVD-Recordable drives. Something sounds fishy here…

Looks like they’re going to use a WMV/WMA combination for this. It’s the only output codecs Windows Movie Maker can produce. I’d stick with something NON-propriety such as MPEG-2 for DVDs (if I get a recorder) and MPEG-1 for Video CDs. Anyway, Nero can produce Photo CDs that play fine in all the DVD players I’ve seen. :slight_smile: