Microsoft and Hollywood: copyright piracy is funding terrorism

I just posted the article Microsoft and Hollywood: copyright piracy is funding terrorism.

TheMushroom lets us know that according to this article, organized criminal groups are getting rich from the theft of America’s copyrighted products. Organized crime syndicates are frequently…

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Lets list some other things that fund terrorism: 1. Paying your taxes. 2. Paying for your movies. 3. Using the internet. 4. Sleeping in a bed. Anything that can be traced back to any profit making venture probably, in some small part, funds some sort of terroristic faction.

Organised crime is bad. But it exists in every facit of our society. It provides a market for distributing resources deemed illegal by governments.

Software piracy would be just a small thing. The largest sources of income for these groups would likely be smuggling ciggerates, drugs, etc. and these are the culprets that should be targeted.

how about… creating content is funding terrorism. the mere fact thta hollywood and microsoft create content that can be pirated should be an issue. how about the fact that microsoft is helping terrorism by giving terrorists the software needed to run cheap computers used by terrorists? how about microsoft and hollywood creating so much money for the US government, thereby making the US government do things against terrorism, thereby making terrorist pissed off at the US, essentially giving them the motivation to do acts of terrorism? how about this just being another attempt at FUD.

I wonder which linux distro terrorists prefer.

I hate this. I really hate this. because terrorism is very high on the agenda, everyone is trying to connect whatever he hates to terrorism. often it simply makes no sense. like this crap: what the hell has copyright violations got to do with terrorism?! ok, maybe one or another group uses its money to support terrorism, but that’s just coincidence. or another example: the international organisation which fights against people who make money by forcing children to prostitution claims that children prostitution is somehow connected to terrorism. ok, of course I am against children prostitution, and actually against prostitution overall, but one shouldn’t throw all things into the same pot, because the result will taste like shit, if one throws too many different things inside. Everyone out there claims his enemies are somehow related to terrorism. sounds like the witch hunt or the McCarthy era. hey, I don’t like my neighbour, his dogs pisses on my flowers - no prob, a friend of mine told me that a friend of his told hime that this guy works for Bin Ladin - hallo? would please somebody remove my neighbour to Guantanamo Bay? because of all these stupid allegations we forget the real terrorists, and miss the real relationships. my neighbour goes to prison, and the real terrorists laugh their asses off, because the US government of defence and the CIA and the FBI have to deal with this total pile of shit :frowning:

I hate terrorists! :4

Love the double standard… Anybody remember how the United States won independence from Britain? Acts of terrorism. Anybody remember how we stole land from American Indians? Acts of terrorism. What goes around comes around. Isolationism forever, terrorism never!

What someone does with money once they obtain it is their choice. If I’m gonna kill someone I need a gun. If I buy a gun and kill them, does that mean my boss who pays my wages is responsible for funding a murder?

Buying gasoline supports terrorism more directly than pirating music. Buying Microsoft products funds a different sort of terrorism entirely. Remember, this is from the folks that say Linux is an inferior operating system only because Microsoft didn’t write it, and from the film industry which hates not getting paid for a movie mostly because they offered Eddie Murphy $20 million more than the film actually took in at the theatre, in sales, and in rentals.

Oh yeah, and also, the only real “criminal organizations” that are profiting are the movie studios.

but the current meaning of the word ‘terrorism’ wasn’t around in the 1700’s / 1800’s. good argument bstrayman. i also suspect that the geneva convention’s decision on POW’s was violated several times during the american revolution. terrorism is the new buzzword. its the word politicians use so that people cannot argue with them without looking bad. it joins older standby’s like ‘for the good of the children’. good luck posting your personal convictions on cdfreaks, and getting the worlds attention. lord knows it works for everyone else :wink:

WRfan I could not have said it better myself

John Malcolm… another nobody who saw a chance of his 15 minutes…:7