Microsoft and Disney strike deal to collaborate on DRM and film

I just posted the article Microsoft and Disney strike deal to collaborate on DRM and film.

GristyMcFisty and jef195 both used our news submit to tell us that today Microsoft and Walt Disney will strike a deal to collaborate on DRM (digital rights management)…

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So it begins…:frowning:

Yes indeed, let battle commence…opportunity knocks… And remember…chance favours the prepared mind… :d

Why would you want a downloaded movie? a. it will only be playable on your computer which 50% of us don’t do b. Why would you want to pay for crappy quality? i mean lower resolution 2.0 audio probly 700mb for a movie 100min long (which is horrible quality no matter what you think mpeg4 is not that good at compressing period and never was) and 0 extra’s. I hope there monopoly falls

also if they do release the hd content that means i will have to download 4 gig’s of a movie that i can’t play on my tv cause of there copyright protection. I believe the only way you can watch it is with tv out but my tv is about 50 feet away and that’s just to damn expensive to wire

ahhh yeah the AXIS of evil. kindda reminds me of that german guy called Hitler and that other italian guy called Musolini. Micro$hit and Disney brainwashing americans for over a decade now. :frowning: