Microsoft allows Windows 7 via USB

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If you’re looking to upgrade your netbook to Windows 7, don’t order a DVD. Microsoft announced today that it will allow netbook users to upgrade with a USB stick.

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Really great way to install 7!

…which have been available since Windows XP

Windows 7 is too bloated to be installed on any Netbook. A better choice would be Moblin or any other decent GNU/Linux distro. Microsoft has failed in the netbook market because their operating systems are too resource intensive to be used on leaner hardware.

There are several tools to make that all work, even if m$ not want this…

That page isn’t intended to show you how to do it. They want you to BUY IT on a USB stick. Old news either way.

all the needed tools are already on the dvd if you have access to a pc with a dvdrom you don’t need this app.