Microsoft aims to run ‘Windows 7 software’ on Windows 10 smartphones



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft aims to run ‘Windows 7 software’ on Windows 10 smartphones[newsimage][/newsimage]

Microsoft is investigating whether it’s possible to also run classical Windows desktop software (Win32) on smartphones with Windows 10 using the Continuum feature that converts the phone to a regular PC.

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I am unable to see any clear benefit arising from this research even if it makes it to the finish line :confused:
Furthermore, as the article states, they prefer development as universal (earlier known as metro) apps.

This is contrary to project Astoria which would have brought the Android apps to Windows. Hard not to see the benefit of that, but as an earlier article notes, the project is on hold.

Whatever happened to having a holistic approach :rolleyes: :confused:


Does this mean that Windows 10 tablets won’t be restricted to running only Microsoft-approved programs? Assuming this research is successful, of course.


From the article:

When Continuum is used only apps from the Windows Store can be installed and run. Windows apps that are published outside the Windows Store, such as applications developed for Windows 7, don’t work
No luck in other words. This was one of the factors I evaluated before writing the above.