Microsoft again cuts price of the Xbox



I just posted the article Microsoft again cuts price of the Xbox.

This isn’t really CD-R related news, but it’s interesting to see the ‘console wars’ going on between Microsoft (Xbox), Nintendo (GameCube) and Sony (PlayStation 2). Today Microsoft has again cut…

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Wouldn’t ‘changing’ parts be the downfall of the xbox? Their marketing campain was clearly stating a 1 hardware solution, therefor all possible errors could be easily predicted and taken care of. By changing parts, there could be a problem for games released now… Not verry thoughtfull I should say.


I’m not a console person, but the PS2 seems much more attractive at $199 with a better selection of games, the ability to play backups, and play dvds. Me thinks we are seeing the end of the xbox.


Read the article about the XboX being cracked, it was a few days ago. They have already played a backed-up game on the XboX. It was just a mather of time, see there are people that like to crack Conlose, and there are people that like to crack Microsoft Products, now that these 2 groups have the same target, i think that the XboX will be more developed then the DreamCast.


It is not that you can not play copies of games with XBOX because you can copy the games with clone and play them the problem is that only those games sold in your area. for this reason most people cannot trade games i have copied three games that my friends have and played them on mine and given them copies of mine and played them on theres.


Huh? Since when can XBOX games be copied with CloneCD? It will be interesting to see the console wars now since they all pretty much have a level playing field.


From what I gather, No, you can’t just cloneCD and play xbox games. Yes, there are people taking pre-orders for an xbox mod chip in a few weeks. No, that xbox mod chip hasn’t been showen to work yet.


Hmm. Seems interesting, with all the crackin’ n’ hackin’ going of the consoles! :4 Are MS gonna lower the price here in Holland to 199 Euro too, cuz then I would buy one. I mean, the last console I bought was a Sega MegaDrive (Good ol’ 16-bit :slight_smile: ). I like the Xbox, which, with all the hacking going on, might be able to play DivX movies in some time, and God knows what else. Keep up the good work, hackers! :smiley:


I heard the news on the radio today… Price dropped $100… So it’s $199 now… everywhere.


Yeah, the Xbox has been $400 AU for a couple of weeks now, which is the same as the US price. The only thing that would make me buy one is Divx playback. M$ will get a decent market share… eventually! Even if it has to buy it’s way into the market, which I think is their strategy atm.


How come Nintendo doesn’t have all these problems? Probably because the know what the hell they are doing. After all, Nintendo is KING. :4


First of all, you can’t copy Xbox games with CloneCD. DVD players can’t read the whole Xbox games. They are not going to change the Xbox all around, just a few tweaks in order for teh current modchips not to work. the modchips have been shown to work, there were fairs in england demonstarting them. and Sh82nKraZy, what Xbox problems are you talking about? the xbox sales are better than the gamecube sales in teh US and +, teh games for Xbox are a shit load better. and btw, the gamecube has been cracked too. they used mini dvd-r (1.5gb or something) or at least in a video released the other day…


hehe PS2 has the market in there back pocket… they launched 1st and have heaps of games out now and they are getting cheeper all the time


When the playstation first hit these shores it’s price was about $800 AU initially and about $60-100 a game…what working class family could afford these prices, considering games had a playability life of about a week, the playstation sales flopped,until people could buy copied games for $10-15 and get the ps chipped then there just wasn’t enough playstations to go around. The advent of the PS2 came with the fanfare that this would become the centre of the family entertainment unit,being able to play audio,DVD, with internet capability, all for approx $800, what the people got was an overpriced game station with no Inet capability a first generation DVD player and grossly overpriced games that you had played before on the playstation, again this really never found a real market until it was chippable and copied games were a tad of the price of commercial ones, Sony bought out the only competition it had at the time (correct me if I’m wrong) the dreamcast, which IMHO was a better platform and only required a bootdisk. This still didn’t stimulate sales. Now along comes the Xbox bearing the microshaft brandname (which immediatly screams …I’m overpriced and faulty) and expect to corner a share of the market…their inability to do so , shown in the reduction of price…When th’ fuck will they learn there are more poor kids out there than rich kids that want a game console, and if the only way to get value is to modify platforms and pirate games then que sera sera.You would think by now their sales bigwigs would start to think like consumers instead of shareholders…greedy fuckers reap what they sow…:7


:frowning: anyone with a decent pc would be incredibly stupid to buy an XBox, because it is slower, not upgradeable and much less versatile. The other important reason to avoid the XBox is that the games cost about 50%:frowning: more. in the UK, an XBox game is ~£45 compared to a new PC title at £30. The XBox games are nothing short of a rip off when you condider that most are essentially the same as their cheaper PC counterparts.


jaialrai you’re forgetting one thing about your comments. Some people who have decent PC’s now can’t afford to constantly update the damn things. To get an updated Graphics card you’re looking to pay $400… and they release new cards every year. To really enjoy the newest games at visual levels that won’t make you sick you need to keep updating the bleeding PC. Where as the entire XBox is half the price of that one component in a PC. The XBox doesn’t need to be upgraded and actually outperforms most high end PC’s contrary to your stat minded statement. You have to keep in mind, when designing for multiple setups and configurations you have to take huge performance hits. Where as programers for the Box can take full use of the system and literally send the game out to the most extreme levels because all systems are equal. For example it has GeForce 3 capabilities… so all XBox games can be geared around such a feature. PC Games have to accomodate nonGF3 cards and in the end lose features and/or FPS and performance. Don’t take this the wrong way I love PC’s as well as my XBox. You should enjoy games as they come. No sense to knock a system that brought me Halo, especially seeing as it wasn’t near the 3,000 I spent for my computer that continually needs updated files and drivers. (2.2Ghz P4 1Gig RDRam, 2.4x DVD+RW, 40x CD-RW, 16x DVD, 100GB HD, Audigy 5.1 with Klipsch 5.1 speakers… that’s my setup.) All that for 3,000 and my $200 XBox usually has better performance. That’s quite a punch for a system that is half the price of a single upgraded graphics card on a PC.


And as for the price of games debate… Last New Release XBox Game I Bought - Spider-Man $44.88 at Walmart. Last New Release PC Games - Dungeon Siege $49.99 and Jedi Knight II $49.99. Actually cheaper to get new releases on the Box it seems. However I understand your point. As now DS and JKII are both available for $35 quite readily (though hardly everywhere). But also what has to be considered is PC games are being released sloppier and sloppier these days, with most gamers waiting until several patches have been released before purchase. XBox games on the other hand have few bugs (they sometimes slip through). It seems PC games are released nowadays with the idea that they release the unfinished product and fix it later. I’d rather pay a few $$$ more to get a product that’s finished myself.