Microsoft adds unlocking with fitness bands, phones and NFC to Windows 10

We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft adds unlocking with fitness bands, phones and NFC to Windows 10[newsimage][/newsimage]

A new feature of Windows 10 will soon allow computers with the OS to be unlocked by other devices and peripherals. With the new feature it should be possible to unlock the computer with a smartphone. Also an external webcam can be used by the facial recognition software of Windows.

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YES finally we can make our computers LESS secure :doh: :confused: :Z

Hallelujah, praise the gods of silicon!
Now the obesse 20 somethings won’t have to expend the effort of putting down their phones, reaching accross their desk and actually tapping on a few keys (they can unlock their machine and still have one hand free for Cheetos).

Can hardly wait until someone in Silicon Valley writes an App that Burps and Passes gas for me.

We really don’t need to unlock our computers with our smart phones. For Microsoft, developing technologies to do so seems like a lot of work with absolutely no real benefit. I can’t for the life of me figure out why companies like Microsoft and Google suddenly considering typing a password to be such a bad thing. Are they really unable to come up with any better reasons for users to upgrade? I know smart phones are frivilous tech toys with stupid apps that no power user can take seriously, but do we really need to spread this stupidity to the desktop?