Microsoft accuses non-windows users

I just posted the article Microsoft accuses non-windows users.

This may sound ridicolous, but it’s true. Microsoft send letters to PC-builers (not the OEM’s like Compaq, Dell, Packard bell etc but the smaller ones). In this letter they ask PC builders to report…

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this is illegal under the data protection act in the uk and microsoft would have huge corporate fines if they tried any such thing here, and i suspect, the rest of europe. come and get me microsquid:)

It’s a really a perverse action. I guess Bill Gates get the “Big Bone” of it.

Here is the article -> :r Jason

Think bill gates is on crack or pissed that his X-box cost tomuch!! Also readed today that they made a deal with interplay about the exclusive rights on The Matrix video game that it will be released on other systems 6 months after the release on the X-Box and only the X-Box version keeps the online option :frowning:

A long time ago somewhere between 1939 and 1945 there was the same thing going on… I think M$ has gone too far this time…

the111 was right. Data Protection Act in England fully covers our asses from corporate ass holes like that. He can get my name if he wants when I buy a system, I just pray he comes to sue me cause I’ll turn around and counter sue him for breaking the data protection act, then counter sue the place I bought my system from for revealing the info. I’ll get to make money off of two corporate ass holes!!

I still don’t see how reporting you is going to get you into trouble since a search warrant is necessary to search a home.

Who cares man, they can’t do xxxx…

Wow if one believed everything wich is written :slight_smile:

You mean the world aint round :stuck_out_tongue:

YES! Aren’t most of us lucky, just because you live in Holland? Guess what? If the PC Builder uses your information without your approval, they break the law. If Microsoft uses this information, they got it through illegal ways. And then no judge can or will ever convict you of that “crime”. But that’s not all… You can sue the PC Builder and Microsoft for violating your civil right…and that means Microsoft has to pay YOU! Now who thinks Microsoft will be that stupid? :d

yeah yeah yeah who buys a system using there real name anyway who buys a system at all just simple register your self as a computer buisness and you can get what ever you want at trade and cheaper that way they no shit and you will get what you want instead of a box full of generic shit or a crappy onbourd chip set like they try to sell you in the shops and you know its going to work first time. 5 billion people in the world and billy boy wants to screw us all yeah well billy i got news for you for every copy of winshit you sell wear coping ten so i say best of luck with your hunting BILLY BOY your gonna need it.:smiley: PS. BILLY YOUR SILL A SCHOOL BOY NERD HEHEHEHEHAHAHAH FHEADS

just a quick word about piracy. WE KEEP MICROSOFT ALIVE - if bill dont realize that he is more stupid than he looks (hard) every time we sell a copy of windoze the user becomes a microscum user, many(most) of these people would never buy an original. if they could not get a copy then they would probably use linux. DAMN THIS SUCKS :r

mr. gates is a jumped up little twat and should overdose himself on frosted shreddies.

Bill Gates = JACKASS

He MUST bE SToPpED!! :d

bill kiss my ass :r

I would post a comment on this if I had the time, but I don’t. It seems my car dealership has reported me to Porsche for buying a different car brand, so they are now sueing my pants off! :wink:

MS is full of BS. i don’t know why they care so much. if they stopped looking at how much money they were making/losing and looked at their oses, they’d realize they had A LOT of work to do. i used to work at a small computer store. there were 2 types of customers. the techies and the norms. the norms would always spend $2000+ on a new pc with shitloads of software. the techies always bought each component seperately with a total around $1000. never asked for software. there’s no way that i’d ask them if they want me to put windows on their both of thier imb gxp 75. i’d lose a sale right there and then. that watch better be worth a lot.