Microsoft abandons Windows Media Center



We’ve just posted the following news: Microsoft abandons Windows Media Center[newsimage][/newsimage]
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In Vista I did as much as I could to disable it.
I don’t remember seeing it in Windows 7.


That’s a bit of a bummer, as I use media centre in my second PC which has a DVB-S2 TV card for viewing live TV broadcasts.

It looks like I’ll have to stick to Win 8.1 on that PC, or find alternative PVR software to be able to use Win 10.


[QUOTE=cholla;2753292]In Vista I did as much as I could to disable it.
I don’t remember seeing it in Windows 7.[/QUOTE]

Its a Windows feature you turn on and off in control panel.


[QUOTE=CDan;2753307]Its a Windows feature you turn on and off in control panel.[/QUOTE]
Probably what I did when I installed Windows 7 .
Turned off WMC in Turn “Windows features on or off” .
Anyway I don’t have the ehome folder on my Windows 7.

The Vista I have was pre-installed so it kept the ehome folder even after I turned off WMC . I did a command line fix with some /unregServer .
After that WME was fully disabled on Vista.


Meh. I find that VLC (and sometimes media center classic) do a great job. Great media players without all the fluff. I never used WMP. I always found it too bloated, slow, and lacking modern codecs.


I have to use it with my HD HomeRun Prime as it’s one of the few media things that supports cable cards. Before I got the prime I had it disabled and had to turn it back on and get everything playing well together.
It actually works pretty well though the naming options suck and it takes some creative registry editing to get it to name things the way I need.
Silicon Dust is working on a stand alone DVR program that should be able to run the prime and most of their other tuner/ networked products.
It does make sense they would drop it as most users just use the DVR that comes with whatever pay TV system they have or cut the cord and use NetFlicks or something else.
I like owning my own gear instead of renting it from Comcast, saves me money and I have total control of what I capture and edit down. Run outa room, get another drive…etc.
Hope the DVR thing they are working on pans out and can do encrypted content, it should considering they have cable card support.
I Have several media player on the main setup networked so I watch everything after editing it down when I feel like it.
Been playing with Plex and Kodi and it makes all my stuff look cool and gets all the posters and media info like media center does if you use it that way which I never do.
Haven’t ever used a extender like a Xbox or a echo as most of what I capture is copy freely so it plays on anything but would be nice the few times I recorded something from my one movie channel.


I tried using WMC once, but found it had no practicle advantages (for me, at least) over WMP. Perhaps I would have used it more if I had a video capture card, but I didn’t. I’m sure therer are other programs what will do the same task just as good, if not better.


Well only reason I enabled it again on my PC was getting the Prime or I would have never used it.
As far as a player I use VLC, plays everything and is free. Some folks have figured out how to get the prime to work with other media type programs but WMC for now is the easiest solution and just works very well for me.
When Silicon Dust gets that DVR solution they’re working on I’ll give it a try. They have a kickstarter campaign going now and I pledged 60 towards it that should give me beta access and a year of the final with everything.