Microphone recording problems



Hello. I am having a problem with recording on my pc. I have integrated mobo audio. When u record with anything no sound comes thru the mic at all. I know its not the mic because i have tryed 4 different mics on it that didnt work here but when i tried the mics on another computer it worked perfectly so im assuming its a prob with my pc. I have went through everything adjusting audio settings, drivers and everything… can u plz help?


i think i had this issue before myself.

i cant recall exactly what i did but i played with the audio settings in windows to get it working.

im on Vista now so i cant check exactly what i did when i did it on XP… but i think it’s the ‘Sound’ option in control panel.

then i used something like ‘audacity’ (which is free) or that one that comes with Nero to record audio from my microphone.


Have you checked your sound card options and made sure that your Line-In volume is up about midway, and that nothing is muted?