Microphone not registering

I have a headset whose mic does not want to work through my system and I don’t know why?.

The headset is in working order,I have checked every audio
box I can find so nothing is on mute ,the headset conrol slider is not on mute but the record panel shows master volume active but mic volume inactive. Everytime I plug in the headset a panel comes up indicating line in not mic yet mic is listed on the check box?
I have plugged in the front and back of the box,in the correct sockets but the system indicates no mic input at all.
I am a little frustrated because I just don’t understand whats

Os-xp sevice pack 3
MB- M6 1PME- S2P

Anyone with any ideas:eek:

Did you try un-checking line-in and checking mic?

Did as you surgested,no change. Ay other ideas?

Try installing the latest audio driver.

Go here: Realtek site

Click on where it says “HD Audio Codec Driver”.

Thank you eric93se!!!:bow::clap: everything is working fine with mic now The update changed the input to mic, back and front sockets, It added the mic where there was only line in before! lesson for me to remember! lol

Awesome! :bigsmile: