Micron 5100 MAX 960GB SATA Enterprise SSD Review


[quote]Welcome to Myce’s review of the Micron 5100 MAX SATA 960GB Enterprise SSD. This is the first of two reviews featuring Micron’s 5100 range – the next will be for the Micron 5100 ECO 1920GB model.
All models in the 5100 range feature Micron’s 24 layer, eTLC 3D NAND.
Micron considers the 5100 MAX’s closest competitors to be the Intel SSD DC S3610, the Samsung SM863, the Sandisk Cloudspeed Ultra Gen II, and the Toshiba HK4E. We have previously reviewed the Samsung SM863 and the Toshiba HK4E and we considered them both to be exceptional products, so tough competition indeed. Please read on to see how the Micron 5100 MAX stands up.[/quote]

The full review by J.Reynolds can be viewed here.

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