MicroDV Conversion

Hiya ppl,
Here’s a difficult one for ya all. I have a Sony MicroDV Camcorder (IP5E). I am trying to convert the mmv file to a DVD complient vob file. The problem is that I can use a proggie that converts from mmv to mpg, but the mpg file is 12mbits, this is too high for DVD standards, 9mbits is the target. What I would like to do is convert the 12mbit mpg to a VOB file, then I could create IFO’s using IFO edit, then use DVD2one to lower the bitrate. I know I can use Rempeg, but it takes too long as I have to demultiplex & re-multiplex the audio files (which may create lip sync problems).

I think I have explained the problem correctly (let me know if I havn’t) I would appreciate any help/ideas I havn’t thought of yet.
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John Roberts.

Hi John

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Your problem is interesting. I have no direct experience of the mmv format, having taken good care to stay well clear;)
However, if you can get a conversion to MPEG2, you should then be able to convert that MPEG2 to a variety that will do the job you want. If it were me, I’d start with MainConcept’s stand-alone MPEG encoder, which will take the combined Video+Audio stream and output either separate or combined streams, according to choice, in new bit rates.

If the object of the exercise is to produce a DVD, you could then use the new MPEG2 with something like Ulead’s MovieFactory, which is cheap and good, or one of the fancier DVD authoring packages. You may already have one?


The tough about converting files like that already crossed our mind. Same goes for satellite (dvb) captured material.

We are thinking about making a seperate program to process material like that because it would mean we need to make some changes into the engine (files formats are slightly different)

have you tried

convert it to mpeg2 12mbit with the util you use

demux with tmpeg to m2v and audio file

load up ifo edit ver .95 and author from those two files

check the size of the new version (eg 3gig while at 12mbit)

load up dvd2one and set size to 70pcnt of the version you created (should reduce the 12mbits to something around
8 to 8.4Mbit so using above example 3gig would become 2.1gig)

biggest fly in ointment with above would be wether ifoedit accepted the 12mbit file or complains it exceeds dvd max bitrate