Microcenter - Verbatim 16x Printable $17.99

+R link
-R link

Are all the verbatim +R MCC004’s?

So far, that is all that has turned up.

Went to MicroCenter yesterday and bought a few.
The DVD+R’s were MCC004’s.

I also picked up 50 Verbs CD-R that were printable for $9.99.
Unfortunately these turned out to be Prodisc. :Z
The Verb label says these are 52x, whereas Nero says max is 40x ???

The drive determines how fast it’s going to burn a disc, not the disc itself. The BenQ firmware obviously limits those Prodisc CD-Rs to 40x.

Prodiscs have not always been bad. You might try scanning a few.

I’ve had pretty good luck with printable Prodiscs. But I try not to burn cds faster than 24x, especially when used for audio.

I’ve had no experience with Verb ProDisc CD-R’s. Do you think they will last???
I’ll try scanning tonight.

I was hoping that since they were Verb’s they would last.
The label on the disks states 100 year life.
I’m hopping that the technology on CD-R’s is better than DVD’s.
Since on DVD’s I would think only Ty’s and Verb MC00X’s would be good for longetivity.

Wht would anyone buy the Verbs when you can get Taiyo Yuden 000-T02-000 that burn at 16X for 14.99 for 50 at CompUSA, and I went to Staples with the ad and they gave me a 110% price match which brought the price down to almost 12.99, thats 26.00 per 100 for Taiyo Yuden 8x+ media, best deal in town.

Does anyone know if these are these HUB printable?

I would prefer TY, and understand that TY are much better. Gave these Verbs a chance since they were CD-R verbs. printable and only $9.99 for 50.

They are silver, but not hub printable.

Did anyone bought Verbatim DVD+/-R Video type that were on sale this past week at BB for $7.99 per count of 25?, if yes what is your experiences burning these discs? I happen to bought 2 pack of -R but haven’t burnt any yet.

alan1476, these are the printable ones. If you check rima you’re going to pay a lot more for inkjet printable TY or MCC. :wink:

Ditto. I’m looking for some good non-hub-printables. I have more hub-printable disks than I know what to do with. I’d like to know if these are hub-printable or not too. Thanks.

I just got it today. These are non-hub printable (both +/-)

Thankyou Zevia, I was not aware they were the printables, I know the printable are becoming more and more needed evryday with the Epson printers being so cheap, but for me I use a Sharpie, I don’t display my movies.

T02 doesn’t burn at 16x in very many drives, at least not with standard firmwares, and even in ones where it can the results aren’t as good as MCC004@16x in my experience.

I bought 200pcs today, I can’t believe they sell 16X printable ones for that cheap.

Way to go Microcenter!!!

thanks for the heads up Rickdriver!!! :up: :clap:

Check these out.
http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=61133&stc=1 12.99 at the Staples near me.

No problem.