Microcenter, e6300, 150$ online or instore

Microcenter has a couple of conroe’s on sale again,the e6300 for 150$ and the e6600 for 280$.


to buy instore you download a coupon

It says good 11-16/11-19 or while supplies last on one of the coupons.

wow, great find ripit! very tempting.

Amazing how the latest processors are going on sale already.

I’m going to wait till the new 680i motherboards drop in price before my next build. waiting sukcs :sad:

Too bad that’s for the unboxed processor. I prefer the full retail package with heatsink/fan and the three year Intel warranty.

I wonder if the ones fry’s has been running for 170$ with free ecs motherboard are ratail or oem cpu’s? Thats about the next best deal I have seen.

I would buy one but DDR2 will be short lived and that means buying a new motherboard for DDR3. Mid ‘07 next year is AMD’s K8L architecture and Quad Cores with DDR3 support. Intel will have Bearlake-X chipset for Quadcores and DDR3 also. Sad to see that DDR2 will be short lived. Buying a C2D would just be a bad upgrade path for me. XDR Ram (owned by Rambus) will be out next year to compete with DDR3 but we all know how much a failure Rambus was to reach the consumer market. Rambus had anti-trust litigation problems with memory manufacturers and their proprietary memory must be licensed and royalty fees are too expensive. Their RDRAM had onboard chipsets that were too complicated to mass produce versus regular DDR RAM. That was the biggest downfall of RDRAM, the high prices, high royalty fees and complexity of producing the RAM. Very few hardware uses Rambus technology and only the Playstation 3 uses Rambus’ XDR RAM right now.

C2Ds aren’t the latest & greatest anymore (I’d still take one tho :bigsmile: )

man, that thing gives me flashbacks to the days when comps were $4000+ :frowning:

I know, I know :slight_smile:

The idea is start with a e6300/6400 which is plenty fast, then in a year that $1500 processor will be like $550 :D. Of course a sick motherboard is required to sustain the upgrade.

I wouldn’t mind buying an OEM CPU, since i want one of those huge passive heatsink setups anyway. Some outperform the stock cooler by 10C!

Conroe isn’t very hot to begin with though.

:iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

that e6300/mobo combo @ frys has been tempting me for months now, I’ve just stayed away though because its such a crappy mobo

they are kind of crappy. If you budget is short though, it is a free motherboard to use for a while and they work (most of the time) though performance is not that great. Otherwise, I would say just ebay the motherboard. I have been tempted too but have bought too much other stuff lately (running a little short on cash).

thats actually how I got my current system was a combo deal at frys, the mobo ended up costing me ~$10 based on the newegg price for the CPU, but it was also the high end ECS with nforce4 and SLI and its been rock solid for nearly a year now. If the c2d combo had a similar calibur mobo I’d be all over it. I know I don’t have the best mobo, but its never given me any problems and it was rated high at every website that reviewed it (not to mention it was nearly free)

I’m guilty too :o

I had one ecs board that lasted for about a year and died, and another that has lasted a few years (n2u400 nforce 2) and is still in use. It works fine and is stable so it does what it needs to. Of course benchmarking it against an abit nf7s, the nf7s computer performed beter in many reguards (with same cpu, memory, vid card etc). I wouldn’t use one in my main rig for anything, by for a second computer or a computer for the kids or something, it works and its free (cheaper than free as the combo is cheaper than newegg wants for just the cpu right now). It just sucks I’m broke (and I’m gonna try to get a power wheels on black friday so I’ll be beyond broke).