I have a Microadvantage burner model: 16DDVDRW-A13. I am trying to update firmware because my drive won’t recognize memorex DVD+R 16x discs. Apparently microadvantage went belly up, the website won’t let me get to the updates. I tried Aopen firmware as one site suggested but it wouldn’t work for my drive. Any suggestions???

Welcome to CDF. You might try this thread for ideas.

Several of us in that thread bought the 1608s and crossed flashed them to a 1616. That software is available from RIPIT as mine is on a box in another state.
The newer 1616’s are not AOPENs!

i will try RIPIT, thanks. I tried to use an AOPEN firmware but it did not work. I will try to sort through the other link, there is a lot of info about other things.