Microadvantage Update Firmware

I have done a lot of research today, (all day), trying to figure out why I can’t copy when I could before. What I keep being pushed to is that my firmware needs to updated.

But, it appears that microadvantage is out of business. What do I do??? How can I get an update??? And why would it all of a sudden stop working when it was working before??? I don’t understand. Guess that’s why I am a newbie.

Thanks for any help!

I just answered a question of yours about an hour ago. I have a microadvantage drive which I crossflashed to an aopen1608 then to a aopen1616 then updated to the latest firmware from aopen. I will find the link to this and if you have a problem with it -let me know. Heres the link go to post#521 for the software and remember flashing your drive is at your own risk. http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?p=1377775#post1377775
You should really search forum before posting. good luck.

Hi scotton…I’ve been reading and reading, and I am SOOOOO ignorant that I can’t even understand what crossflashing “to an aopen1608 then to a aopen1616 then updated to the latest firmware from aopen.” And by “flashing a drive” – is it possible to blow out my whole drive? I’m so pissed at Microadvantage…why did it stop running so suddenly? It was working fine for a whole year, and then one day it doesn’t work at all. MAN!!! Please let me know if it’s worth trying to figure this out, or whether I should just rip out the crappy thing and buy something else. Any recommendations? Thanks so much for your help.