Microadvantage 16DDVDRW-A13 wont record CDs



While awaiting a replacement from pacificdigital for a defective CD/DVD writer.
I went out and I purchased the Microadvantage 16DDVDRW-A13 DVD+/-RW DVD & CD Drive ( $59 )

It would play and copy DVD but would give me coasters on CDs
I use Nero and the process would say burn successful but the system would not eject the finished media, I had to REBOOTH the system to close the nero and stop the RECORDER, the burnt CD would turn out to be a COASTER 9 times out of 10

or, it would freeze at 5% and I would have to REBOOTH the system to remove the CD because the eject button would not release it even after I used TASK MANAGER to close Nero, more COASTERS

I must’ve had a brain freeze that week because I never thought of checking and updating the driver, so,
I took the drive back to the store and got a replacement, and same problem occured, boy was I frustrated :a

I was about to throw this out the Windows® , then I remembered,

YOU FOOL :frowning:

I used NERO TOOLS to check the DRIVE and noticed the FIRMWARE said A04b so I went to www.microadvantage.net and download the latest driver A070 , RUN the file , REBOOTH and now the system now copies CD with no problem

tomorrow I’ll pick up some BLANK DVD Media to see if thats still working fine :wink:

the end.