Micro star int'l



i had some datawrite x2 dvd-r discs worked a treat now i have some x8 and my dvd-rw only supports x4 but it wont let me burn to them at all it jus doesnt reconize that there is a disc in there,

the model is micro star int’l

and the model no is ms-8404a

now i have got some firmware from your site


but the readme is in german or another language a cant read

So führen Sie ein Firmware-Update bei einem optischen Laufwerk durch.

  1. Erstellen Sie eine bootfähige Diskette.

  2. Kopieren Sie die EXE und die BIN Datei dieses Ordners zusätzlich auf die Diskette.

  3. Booten Sie den Rechner mit der Diskette.
    !Bootreihenfolge im BIOS beachten!

  4. Geben Sie an der Eingabeaufforderung folgendes ein:
    Bsp: updata 2_23d.bin

  5. Nach dem die Aktualisierung abgeschlossen ist können Sie den Rechner neu starten.

so i was wandering if one of you guys could help me install this firmware please cheers,


Go to the MSI website all the firmware updates are there including yours,and all in English,just punch in MSI in google search engine and it will take you there. :iagree:


ok i am sure i downloaded the right firmware to upload now i have a bootable disk and i put the dvflash steup on but there isnt enough room for the bin file, i aint sure what to put in the

A:\ when it boots up in dos either i put what it said in the read me file and it didnt work,

here is the read me file

MSI DVD Dual BIOS Update Procedure

  1. Create a bootable floppy disk that be able to boot
    to DOS console capable of executing normal MS-DOS batch
    and executable files in accordance with the instructions.

  2. Download and unzip the xxxx.zip file corresponding to
    your model from the MSI website to the floppy disk or
    Hard Disk.

  3. Boot from your DOS floppy disk to the Real DOS mode.

  4. At the command prompt.
    |Type “DVFLASH <Firmware>”. |
    |Usage: DVFLASH <filename.xxx> |
    | |

  5. Reboot the system,when finish updating process.

Note: You should not update your firmware unless you have
have flash experience with your optical drive.


Your best bet is to download a program called MSI live update(its free and only for MSI stuff),it identifys your drive and will download the correct firmware and flash it for you,its very simple to use. :iagree:


cheers dlin it now ^^