Micro secret files

hi ive just read a file from a friend on ms hidden files very interesting reading has some credibility has any one else read these threads and any comment i think available at

:confused: :confused:

Me too

err , why the long post and what are these hidden files supposed to be then ?

Better now, although I ahve no idea what he’s talking about :slight_smile:

He’s referring to this:


Originally posted by chriso123
[B]He’s referring to this:

http://fuckmicrosoft.com/content/ms-hidden-files.shtml [/B]

oh that… yeah , mickeysoft really tries to keep those things hidden , i’m not really scared or paranioa because of it. It’s been known for several years that the only standard Mickeysoft handles , is its own (and sometimes not even that).

But it is very interesting for the non-Ms-Dos person and everyone who might be browsing questionable content at his workplace.

thanks all your replies are appreciated and give me confidence to post some of my successful backups’ and methods :bow:

Guess the only real solution is to switch to Linux. But I just don’t know if Linux would run all my programmes (and games) right.

or to xp, as i dont believe any hidden files like on 98 exist.