Micro sdhc



thanks… i JUST want to know guys if theres a way to recover my transcend micro sdhc 8gB…IT WAS AN UNABLE TO FORMAT, READ,COPY PASTE FILES TO IT, nplease hepl me… tell more info about this case… hope you may help me guys, thats why i desired to join here…


Hi roann

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Is your pc card reader updated to one which is compliant with SDHC ?

If yes and you are unable to access or even format your Micro SDHC flash card I would suspect it has been damaged some how and may need to be replaced, they are very cheap in price especially at newegg see link below.




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We have a dedicated USB stick/memory card forum, and I believe the question of recovery has come up a few times, so a quick look in there might also get you some answers :wink: