Micro$oft safedisc.how to?

HI guy,
I’m trying to copy “Age of Empires 2:the conquerors expension” to play on LAN but the copy doesn’t work. All that I get with CloneCD is:

Failed to read sector… :frowning:
Failed to read sector… :frowning:
Failed to read sector… :frowning:

and it take about 30min to make 1%!!!
I used fast skip error but I don’t know what setting to put.
I always make image files before I burn it.(separately)
My version of CloneCD is
does anyone know what can I do. :confused:

Here is my configuration:
CD-Readers: Creative 52x mx
CD-Writers: HP CD-Writers+ 7200i

if ya need more information, just ask.


go here and you will see that my cd-writer is compatible.

remember: hp cd-writer+7200i(HP7200i).

PS: I copy Trickstyle with CloneCD.:slight_smile:

This is how Safedisk/safedisc 2 works.
The failed to read should be between 800 - 10000.

And it can take alot of time if your reader is bad at skipping errors.

You just have to be patient.

emotivkydz, I suggest you follow that link you posted and read again!
Your burner is far from being CloneCD compatible.

I don’t understand why my cd is not compatible with CloneCD. In the list, my CD-Writers is listed as HP7200i.:confused:

HP7200 -
Best Supported Write Mode - RAW-DAO 16
Best supported Read Mode for Data - RAW
Best supported Read Mode for Audio - RAW

Best Write Mode:RAW-DAO 16 = 2352 bytes RAW Data + 16 Bytes P-Q Subchannel Data. This is the second best mode for CloneCD. It allows writing of most subchannel information, including most Digital Signatures, ISRC, Catalog Numbers, Gaps, Indices and Crazy TOCs.
Best Read Mode:RAW = 2352 bytes RAW Data. No Subchannel Data can be read.

The requirements to be truly CloneCD compatible are somewhat higher!
Best Supported Write Mode - RAW-DAO 96
Best supported Read Mode for Data - RAW+96
Best supported Read Mode for Audio - RAW+96
You must read the specifications listed before assuming your drive is ‘compatible’

Just get an Acer burner and your trouble will disappear;)

No Acer for me, take Plextor :wink:
You might wanna try fast error skipping

Just read the entire CD without ticking anything. The reading will take about an hour and a half then just burn the CD. Nevermind those read errors they’re part of the protection.

I’ve got four plex burners thx,2x 8/2/20,1x 12/10/32A,and the plex 24/10/40A thankyou very much.:slight_smile: