Micro-freezing after burning a DVD with DVD2SCVD

Copied Saving Private Ryan to DVD-R (2x) using DVD2SCVD following Chicken Man’s excellent guide (used settings for “fussy” player). Copy played perfectly on my computer but when I played on My PS2 I got intermittent freezing.

I am using latest version of DVD2SVCD, version 2.5 of CCE, NU 082 recorder latest firmware B375, and 2x DVD-R verbatim discs. I know about NU’s spotty performance burning with -R media (see hardware forum) but since upgrading to B375 I have been able to make 10 copies (didn’t need compressing) that all run without a hitch on my PS2. However, the 3 copies I made with DVD2SVCD all have the same stuttering effect and all play perfectly on my computer DVD.

I have an old PS2 (SCPH-30001) and it’s definitely fussy about DVDs. I think it may be time to get a new standalone player. Any suggestions, thanks.

After doing a fairly extensive search of this forum, I found that this is a fairly common problem on the PS2 and has to do with the type of media used rather than a software issue. It appears that compressing the video tends to increase the PS2’s inherent pickiness. As I am not willing to test multiple types of media to find the magic pill (Verbatim is one of the recommended media brands), I’m going to buy a new player. Hope this helps if someone else is having the same problem.

Yes, thats a common problem, good media is whats needed. A few friends have PS2’s and they all use Ritek G04 4x media and that works perfectly for them.

Yep. PS2 is very fussy with media. G04’s are good. I have also used Verbatim’s and TDK’s and never had a problem with either.

Ditto on the media and this applies to almost any kind of burning software. After using standard-branded media purchased locally (for about US $1.20 per disc), I decided to try a no-name brand that was really cheap. I got what I paid for… Depending upon the player, I either saw pixelated jumble at various points in the title or sound/video glitches that were noticeably annoying… That was on one player. The same discs played on a newer model gave me no pixelization (I don’t know if that’s word, but it describes the symptoms) but it did “freeze” the video and/or sound… In many cases, I could copy the tracks back off the DVD, and reburned them to a known good brand with no further problems… Finally settled on the Ritek Ridata -R G04 and have been very pleased with the results.