Micro advantage will not flash aopen firmware?



I recentlly purchased a micro advantage burner which is a rebaged aopen 1608/app. It even has an aopen 1608/app label on it. I tried the only two micro advantage firmwares I could find (the one that came on it and the newest). I really didn’t like either. I tried to flash aopen firmware and the flasher said “sorry, this flash utility cannot update this model”. Does anybody know how I can flash it with aopen firmware (I’m guessing that I just need to extract the frimware and use a dos flasher or something but don’t know how). Any help would be very much appreciated.


Yo ripit-

Do you know exactly which model you have? Reason that I ask is that the AOpen site shows a 160812x model and a 1608ARR model and different firmwares for each model - yet you say that yours is a 1608/aap (which AOpen does not show as a valid model number)-

You don’t have to do anything special with the AOpen firmware to flash it as it is a “.exe” file and is self flashing within windows - provided you are flashing to the correct model #-



Opps, I wonder if that is why nobody responded? The corect model number (reading it off the drive itself right now) is duw1608/arr. It also has a sticker that has been added with the model number 16ddvdrw-a13 (thats the micro advantage model number). It has the original aopen sticker (the big sticker) and then two thin stickers about the size of a thin address label with the aopen model number, a part number and a serial number.
I did contact customer support and he said that the firmware was made by aopen for them but it was the same as aopen firmware? I asked about getting previous firmwares and he said that he had ver 5 and ver 6 (kind of strange that they wouldn’t have all of them). I asked if he could send me 6 and he said email the request to him and he would so I emailed asking for any older firmwares he could provide. I havent got any response yet though.
I’m just wondering if thier is some way to get around it and flash it in dos to aopen firmware (I guess that I would have to find someone that has extracted the firmware from the windows flasher and find a compatible dos flash utility). Aopen has all the firmwares listed on their site but they will not work on my drive.


Yo ripit-

Sorry - I’ve done my best to this point - but unless you can flash in windows with the aOpen firmware I’m out of expertese-



The dangerious brothers have hacked ver7 firmware so the micro advantage shows up as an aopen. Well have to see when ver8 comes out if it will allow flashing of real aopen firmware on a micro advantage drive. If it does then I should be able to flash any aopen firmware.