Micro advantage\need help

This one is for the moderators:bow::bow: C0deKing, OC-Freak, Dee-27, Jan70 or someone with serious knowledge:bow::bow:. I have a micro advantage 16ddvdr/a13 which i assume is a-openDUW1608/ARR dvd burner.
Drive is not doing what i think it should do, very crappy drive( well my opinion ).
I am looking to try to flash it to the aopen firmware but can not do it because of the firmware is looking for the aopen model.
I have the firmware needed but need to know how to remove the check to force it to flash ie cross flash it if possible.
Please advise if possible.

P.S. Cannot upload it tho to big ie limit on zip file. File is around 500.0KB
Also i have nothing to lose by trying above request drive does not like any thing i do!!!

Well figured out the drive.
Drive is beyond a simple flash upgrade,It’s dead!
Well mods please close or remove this thread.