Micro Advantage firmware upgrade

Does anyone have the latest firmware for a Micro Advantage 16DDVDRW that they downloaded from the Micro Advantage website before they went out of business, that they could email me? Or know of any website where I can download it?

I know its the same drive as the AOpen DUW1608 but the the AOpen utility doesn’t recognize the Micro Advantage drive.


I can e-mail it to you. pm me. I received the firmware from ripit. I have two updates for the microadvantage -one converts it to a Aopen1608 and the second one to an aopen1616 then you can update to the latest firmware on aopen site. Microadvantage went out of business late december.

I e-mailed it to pettycJ _if you do not receive the firmware -please advise and I will send it again

I have been receiving alot of requests for the firmware to crossflash the microadvantage A-13 to an aopen1608 and then to aopen1616 and then you can update to the latest firmware from aopen. You can pm but please give me an address to e-mail it to. The last few requests I have received did not do that. I have no problem helping others and I will send it to you as soon as I can. I received these firmwares from RIPIT who was very helpful in sending it to me. So far eveyone I have sent it to was sucessfull but there are risks in flashing your firmware. I would do this in safe mode with no disks in your dvd drive.

Here is a link to the crossflash from a microadvantage to an aopen1608. It still works. http://upload.cdfreaks.com/wesociety/aopen/flash107.zip
Its from a post by wesociety. The next link is to flash from a 1608 to an aopen1616.http://www.computerbase.de/downloads/software/brennprogramme/aopen_duw1608_firmware-hack/