Micro Advantage drive not reconized

Hello I have a Micro Advantage dvd model: 16DDVDRW-A13. I could not get it to write DVD’S I up graded it to An Aopen drive it now will write DVD’S. Now the computer does not reconize it as a drive to copy files from the hard drive. The A-open drive is drive E and my OEM drive is drive F. The computer defaults to drive F when trying to copy files from the computer an I can change to copy on drive E. This would not be a problem by drive E the door is stuck and will not open so it is unusable. I have thought about unstalling the drive and restalling it but afraid that I can restall because I would not have a working drive to install the OEM software.
Any help would be appreciated.

seem like some softwares such as anydvd, directcd, etc… running in the background of your computer lock up the drive. Turn of the computer, do not restart, shut down completely. And if the burner is in external enclosure, turn off the power of the enclosure as well, then turn it back on. Eject the drive and let us know from there if the drive is able to eject. If it is able to eject, now try to burn again.