Micro Advantage (BTC?) DVD+/- drive for 129.99 at OfficeMax

Next week’s OfficeMax ad lists the Micro Advantage 4DVDRW-B13 dual format burner for $129.99 after rebate ($20 instant and $50 mail in). This drive appears from description and illustration to be the BTC DRW1004IM.

Micro advantage site: www.microadvantage.net or
Product page for drive on mfr site:
(has a .pdf format manual available for download)

BTC announcement page for DRW 1004IM: http://www.btcusa.com/news_41.html
(there is a spec sheet available - compare specs and illustration to the Micro Advantage manual)

Try searching the forums for “BTC DVD” and “Micro Advantage”. AFAIK, BTC only has 1 DVD +/- model.

(In one thread, dhc014 confirms that the Micro Advantage is a BTC)

I just checked on the Office Max website, and the price already shows as 179.99 and the rebate is valid September 19-October 18, so apparently there’s no need to wait until Sunday to get the sale pricing…

Also if you purchase it online they have a $30 instant rebate on purchases over $150 with no delivery charge so your total is $161.09 - $50 mail in rebate or $111.09 and next day delivery.

Sounds like a good deal?