Micro Advantage/AOpen Who makes them?



It seems like the AOpen DUW1608 and the Micro Advantage 16DDVDRW-A13
are the same rebadged units. Does anyone know who the manufacturer of
these units is? Also is ther a way to flash mu Micro advantage unit over to a
AOpen unit?

Thanks, Budzos


I am just making a pure speculation of the AOpen DUW1608 drive; I think it’s still made by BTC.

How well is your drive functioning?


My drive has been a pain since I bought it. Nero does not recognize it, I tried to update the firmware from the Micro Advantage website and my drive turned into a Ricoh firmware loader or something like that. I could not flash it back so I exchanged it for another one. I was hoping to flash it to something my burning
software could recognize. I currently can burn with Clone DVD only. My Liteon
811/ which was a 411 burns with every program I have flawlessly. I only bought
this burner to burn DL media but I think in the end I will probably buy another


AOpen is made by AOpen.


Don’t be trying to flash your drive untill you get everything working with what it came with. Firmware flashing is not a cure for system problems with a drive!!!


I bought the AOpen 1608 last night, made some tests and returned it back to the store today! It worked fine with the latest 1.06 firmware.


Worked fine with what? :stuck_out_tongue:
I see we share the same location :wink:


So my Micro Advantage 16DDVDRW A-13 is most likely a AOpen DUW1608. Is there any way for me to confirm this? The drive comes up as a CD/DVD 16x8 DVD DUAL in the Dvd
Info Pro tool in this is of any help.
Thanks, Budzos


Wesociety, oh hey, what a coincidence :wink:

I only had one type of DVD media @ home last night, Prodisc R03; burnt 21 of them @ 8x (that’s the max speed). Later tonight I will get my Liteon 166s to check out the quality of the burn.


I finally gave up on the Micro Advantage, I tried loading some software with it and I
kept getting CRC errors. When I pulled the drive and put in my Liteon everything worked
fine. When I had the Micro Advantage out I noticed a small decal on the back that
stated it was a model DUW1608 so it was most definately an AOpen drive. I went back to Officemax and they let me exchange for a 16x Digitalmax which is a rebadged Liteon
SOHW-1633S. I flashed the drive to a Liteon and all is good.