Micro Advantage 16x Dual Format, $29.00

plagiarized from deal site, OfficeMax.com has the Micro Advantage 16x Dual Format DVD+/-R/RW Drive for $29 (no rebates), with free shipping on $50 orders. looks like the 16x may be an aopen. not familiar with aopen drives tho.

This is a clearance item, with very limited availability. Go to OfficeMax.com, and search for “micro advantage”. None available in the Houston area.


Yup - the officemax site says that there are none available-


Checked one OM on the way back home from work. They didn’t have the MA DVD drive, but had two DigitalMax 3S163 (1633S) drives for $45, five of the OLD Pacific Digital 8x (851S or 811S) drives (no price), and four of the HP CD writers (LiteOn 52/32/52) for $9 after $30 rebate. But OM is finally carrying the actual retail LiteOn drives now, saw a black 1673S there, even identified by a stamp near the serial number, no more guessing what drive is in there.