Micorosft office 2005-2006?



Does any one know when microsoft office 2005 or 2006 will be out, if there is one :confused:


Billy and the boys have implied at all recent public meetings that the next version of Office will appear, basically, in the same time-frame that they finally get Vista out the door. When they will actually do that is anyone’s guess and depends on how many more of it’s, supposedly, core features get tossed overboard in their despiration to finally deliver something.

The BIG change in the new Office is going to be the switch to XML file formats. They will trumpet they are using an open standard and, as ususal, they will be lying. In fact they are using an undisclosed format that, while based on XML, is, suprise, like MS always does, adds enough proprietary variations to keep you locked into them and doesn’t allow free interchange. One can also assume the astounding number of current bugs and weirdness in the overload of current features will not be addressed. And MS will wonder why so few will upgrade…


That’s why OOO is still the best option.


Microsoft lying? I dont believe it. HA HA