Michael's Jackson's big-money CD

I just posted the article Michael’s Jackson’s big-money CD.

We are talking $30 million to produce MJ’s album “Invincible” and why is this so

Michael Jackson’s new album, 'Invincible," reportedly cost $30 million to produce, and some music industry experts…

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Wasn’t it mentioned that he had done something so that the CD couldn’t be copied? Maybe the “extra money” went towards that.

If he spent extra money toward that it went down the drain since i had no problem copying entire album.

its selling for $2 in the street in nyc since one week before the release date… can we all say corporate loss lol

I’m sure he could do with losing some money for a tax right off.

By those posts I now see why the record companies are in fear. Shit man. Buy the cd’s if ya like the music for a fair price. not $2.00usd

90% of music nowa ays is mass produced crap that doesnt deserve anything better than mp3 … and it definitly dont deserve my money since the average song has a listable time of 2 weeks and then you never wanna hear it again … not my $$'s thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sorry but who the fuck wants to listen to Michael “The Freak” Jackson? This my a ‘thing’ who loves little children (boys especially) and who doesnt know whether he is Black Or White? And his CD is garbage! $30 million? Thats the most expensive garbage Ive heard in a while… Sorry for you MJ fans but thats my opinion… :d

That’s sad. He blew his load making this cd-o-crap that I won’t even waste my time to download. Music today sucks.

LOL Wacko…$30 Mill…that’s REALLY ehh…“impressive” :4 Frankly, seeing Jacko’s ugly face in his latest video put more shivers down my spine than any horror-movie I’ve seen in a LOOONG time. That man’s virtually decomposing :r Couldn’t agree more with some of You guys/gals as far as the quality of current music goes: The vast majority of the music produced today is materialistic, massproduced crap displaying no musical talent, durability or originality whatsoever. And still, some (record industry) ppl wonder why fewer and fewer ppl don’t wanna spend $$ on “music”…go figure! As fl0PPsy puts it a lot of music doesn’t deserve more than MP3…if even that.

"And still, some (record industry) ppl wonder why fewer and fewer ppl don’t wanna spend $$ on “music”…go figure! scratch that “don’t” :wink:

Hey you know, maybe he’s remembered what music is all about. ENTERTAINMENT. Maybe he spent that much to entertain us and doesn’t care if he makes a profit. (I’m dreaming) It’d be nice though