Michael Moore movie suffers legal crackdown over file sharing



I just posted the article Michael Moore movie suffers legal crackdown over file sharing.

Any time Hollywood invites movie viewers to share a free movie, the situation could end up dicey for both sides.
Michael Moore had good intentions when he offered his latest movie, Slacker Uprising,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15092-Michael-Moore-movie-suffers-legal-crackdown-over-file-sharing.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15092-Michael-Moore-movie-suffers-legal-crackdown-over-file-sharing.html)

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Nice picture for the story! :bigsmile:


I guess the only way to solve that, would be to release his own movies like George Lucas did with Star Wars, that way you own the rights, but you can negotiate with a company for distribution, but thats it.


Considering how Moore manipulated distribution information on “Fahrenheit 911” (stated that Disney would not distibute the film after seeing its contents when he was told at the very start that Disney would not distribute a purely political film within the US), let alone his track record of fabrication, why would anyone trust anything he says on anything?


In American Carol he gets slapped all over the place, which he deserves!

JohnnyJY :clap:
South Philly


As much as I absolutly hate Michael Moore I think American Carol is a pathetic attempt by the lame republicans of the world to get under his skin. It looks like a mix between Epic Movie and crap. I also saw parts of this movie and it’s nothing more then a masterbatory picture for Michael Moore to put in his collection of movies he masterbates too.

Also I belive I read something about this being only available for free for a 3 week period of time. Not sure if I got the fact check on that one correct though


It’s not the first time I’ve been to an American website to see some video clip someone recommended, only to see a “not permitted to be viewed outside United States” image instead.

And everyone attacking Moore now is merely jealous. Jealous of his success and bravery to speak his mind (instead of anonymous Internet posts), with a dash of partisan hate thrown in. He offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could find a single fabrication in Fahrenheit 9/11. Did any of YOU claim it? No? Funny, that.


He doesn’t use many outright fabrications. He just quotes people out of context and edits out material that does not agree with his slatned views. There is plenty of evidence of this and it is no better than using outright fabrications. It’s the same type of crap that the looser crowd uses for their whack-job conspiracy theories.



Uhh, try reading the 9/11 Commision report sometime. They have this blocked out section in there, where a blind man could read it, that says no one was allowed to leave the US, after 9/11 attacks, even Saudis. Shall I go on? I had to watch this pathetic propaganda movie, that was intentionally released during a political season to try and influence an election, due to a class I was in at the time. Next time, try to do some research on something someone says instead of just taking it at face value.


I guess election season is in full swing with all the mud being thrown and partisan bickering why can’t Republican’s for a change stop being so nasty and ignorent in there attempt to win the election? I as an Independent am extremely turned off by this type of campaigning so much I am seriously considering voting Democrat this November.


Michael Moore should be able to speak his mind when did freedom of speech end in 2004? refresh my memory I thought we had the free right to voice our own views. And what is this that other countrys can’t view this film I mean what nonsense.



You are right, Michael Moore has the right to talk about whatever he wants even though he might be a total idiot. And, if idiots want to go see his silly movies, then they have that freedom to do so too.

I am Republican but I am NOT voting for McCain. I don’t care if he has a conservative VP or not. I am not going to sacrifice my beliefs so I can be a cheerleader for my jersey. Sorry RINO’s, homey don’t play that. On the flip side, I am not going to vote Obama/Biden either. They will only increase goverment even more just like the RINO’s did during the GWB administration. I guess I will have to vote Nader,even though I don’t believe in his views but he doesn’t have a chance getting elected, or sign my own name in this year. Looks like I will be changing my party affiliation after the election to independent. If a candidate ever runs on “term limits”. He has my vote. I think the biggest problem with our goverment at the moment are these “career” politicians who stay in their position for decades! I think a person should serve a max of 2 years in ANY office and can’t run for that office again! He or she can run for a higher or lower office but never that one again. That way, new blood is constantly be circulated in and out ;and instead of someone moping about getting something done, they gotta actually work for a change to earn those tax payers dollars paying their exoborant salaries. Pay should not be a concern of someone running for office. Serving the people should be the ONLY thing on that person’s mind! Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out!


Shaolin007 I can agree to term limits infact we in my state for the first time set term limits on Mayors which I believe is a step in the right direction. We as American’s can change our political system but it’s going to be a tough fight for sure.



Glad to hear that. Hopefully, that will spread.