Michael Jacksons Chimp Bubbles Disappearence

Since a few weeks ago we were talking about MICHAEL JACKSON,going after
the pirate bay. It made me think about MIKE’S chimp bubbles,and what
happened to him. After looking it up on the web it said after MICHAEL BASHEIRS documentary. Bubbles as he got older started to bite people
and that’s when he disappeared from his ranch. I thought it was comical
because the documentary reported that MICHAEL would put a diaper on
bubbles and that he would use MICHAELS private toilet.

Did you manage to locate bubbles? or do you think he’s gone tomeet his maker?

I really don’t know. When I looked it up on the web it only
said after BAHIR’S documentary WHEN BUBBLES got older he
started to bite people and that’s when MIKE got rid of him.
My guess knowing MICHAEL and his odd behavior. He probably
sent BUBBLES the old monkey’s home.

Monkey meat fried in Zebra fat, simply delicious!!

Chilled Monkey Brains …
No seriously, I thought Bubbles ran for president … and won … twice :stuck_out_tongue: