Michael Jackson Trial

Misunderstood pop legend :slight_smile: or filthy child molesting scumbag :(?
Your thoughts

without a doubt

im not sure but i feel it was wrong of him to sleep with kids!

He’s just strange to me.I don’t have any kids so I don’t really worry about him.:bigsmile:

Most people here in the states don’t really care about him or his music as much as the people around the world seem to. He’s been a has-been for a while.His weirdness just keeps crawling back.

I dunno, I believe in the whole innocent til proven guilty. I dont follow media, the media are criminals, its in their best interest to portray him guilty. When I hear of some hard evidence, I’ll believe it. It was wrong and stupid for him to have kids in his bed, that can only look bad, but molesters are sick and dont tend to pick just 2 out of hundreds of possible targets, they cant stop. Its just the fact that only 2 kids have ever accused him, via parental prompting, and its funny how they demand money, instead of locking up the monster.

I think he is guilty… not because of the media, but because he paid off the first boy with something like 35 million dollars… that is a lot of money for not doing anything wrong.

I believe in the whole innocent til proven guilty thingy’, but I think he did something that’s not correct … but if he molested kids … don’t think so, but we will know within a few months.

Where there´s smoke, there´s fire…it cant happen twice with out alittle bit of truth in there somewhere.

They are going to love him in the pen, or do you think that he´ll be put into the same cell as Martha Steward?

Though I really don’t know what to think of this, I think there’s one thing we need te keep in mind: the media loves this stuff. They love the sensation and they love to play with you and your opinion, just to get better ratings. That goes for all stuff that comes in the media of course, but a scandal like this earns them quite a nice buck.

I hope he isn’t guilty.

i know were you are comming from dee with the T.V thing :iagree:

but i say proven guilty easy as that like what was it about 4 or 5 years ago the same thing happen. As i say to my friends about him if you had 100.0000.000.000.000 to say to some person that is homeless and has are kid and you have the thought {sick as it mybe} i want to ““have fun with are child”” they would take it. Cus one nite of pain for the life of the rich from the life of the street they cant say no and i bet that is what he did the first time then just over the year’s finaliy got dun.

i get sick of all this crap, especially the media… imagine a world without those ppl… :bigsmile:

of course

Please don’t make this a flaming thread… let the judges and jury decide if he’s really guilty, ok?

Yes totally agree, ain’t it fun how the media can influence people. :rolleyes:

As a mother, i have very strong views on what should happen to him if he’s found guilty. I say if. My worry is, how on earth he will receive a fair trial with all the media coverage before, and no doubt during the trial.
My personal view is, trial by media is wrong.

I’m listening to ‘Billie Jean’ right now, Michael Jackson is excellent.

What i dont understand is why the parents of these kids consented to let there kids stay overnite by Michael Jackson as a parent myself i would never let my kids stay overnite with an adult who is a little starnge to say the least and who doesnt have kids in the same age range as those now accussing him.

Also all these reports have been going on for years regarding Michael Jackson and his liking for young children which self respecting parent would send there chilren to stay with someone like that, as to wether or not he is guilty i cant say but there seems to be a lot of oppertunism going on here just imagine if your the Prosecutor who jails Michael Jackson ( if that happened ) instant fame, the same with the parents of these kids.

As Dee-27 has already said due to the Circus surrounding this the chances of a normal Trial happening are zero and will we ever know the real truth.

Probably the ones who put money before there children they are as much scumbags as anyone else…
Whether he is guilty or not you have to admit the man is a freak but thats taking nothing away from his music the man is a genius as far as music goes…
But having kids myself if found quilty he should be put in prison till he rots…
Ask yourself this would you make your children put a bag\blanket over there heads when they leave the house to me its barbaric no matter how famous they are…

As most media hypes i think the story has about 7% of trustworthiness.