Michael Jackson the game for WII

I have a friend who has a hacked or modded wii. I guess thats the word for it. anyway, she told me she bought the new michael jackson game and it wants her to perform and update to play it.

She is running Ver. 4.2U on her WII.

I was curious to weather I could just back up a copy of the game to a DVD -R because it wants her to update her WII to play it. If she does she told me that she will lose her Homebrew page and everything else. I just want to help her out.

Can you guys tell me if its possible to update her Wii without losing everything, or would it be easier to just try and put the game on a DVD -R like all her other games?

I went to her pictures and it says she is running
Homebrew Browser v0.3.A or 8 I cant tell.

Any help would be great. I just dont know much about these things.

the best method would be to rehack the wii using my guide. this will update all IOS and install priiloader to skip disc update checks.