Michael Jackson Releases Uncopyable CD

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Derek Jeter writes "NTK.net is reporting in their weekly newsletter that another copy restricted CD has surfaced, this time Michael Jackson’s newest single,…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2528-Michael-Jackson-Releases-Uncopyable-CD.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2528-Michael-Jackson-Releases-Uncopyable-CD.html)

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the music industry will keep on wasting money creating more copy-protected cds. yet, they don’t get it. the cds are too expensive. i’m sure they can sell for about $5.00 and still make a profit. i think the majority who don’t buy cds would buy them if they cost so little. i wouldn’t waste my one week pay for one cd. i still need to eat. and eating is more important to me. with current prices, copy-protected or not, i’m still gonna download mp3s and borrow cds and rip them. so there.

heh… i’m not worried about it. I doubt any and all copy protections will avoid the punk bands…

There is no such thing as a Uncopyable CD it will become copyable just wait and see :wink:

Well you can listen the single from his website http://www.michaeljackson.com Use ASF Recorder http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/asfrecorder11/ lst?.dir=/ASFRecorder1.1&.order=&.view=lto download it, and you got your copy in WMA :slight_smile: Have phun!

Who would want any Michael Jackson crap? Not me that’s for sure.

I dont think it is copy protected because I have seen the Promo CD rip already. Maybe they have a shit CD drive…

I already downloaded this mp3 about 2 weeks ago…

UNCOPIABLE and CD!!! That’s a contradiction in terms! (no really!)

if i remember correctly that 2 weeks old version was a radio-rip, it was played on air, but it wast supposed to (be that fast) and a clever person must have taped it and converted it to pc… it was later on that the promo rip was released

The first downloadable version was a radio-rip, then someone enhanced it, though still sounded crap. But two weeks ago, a real cd-rip surfaced from the first single (You rock my world). Furthermore, yesterday I got a new song from the album, named “Cry”. And it’s also a real-cd-rip (it’s crystal-clear sound and at 192k/s) Uncopyable? Well… maybe, but it’s still downloadable :slight_smile:

This is ANNOYING. I dont plan to fork out twice, once to buy a hot set of speakers for my PC and then a second time to buy a hot pair for a seperate stereo. I listen to all my music on my computer and if these idiots plan to start making CD’s that I cant listen to on my PC they’re basically just saying they dont want me to listen to their music. Oh wait, unless I download it that is! FAGS!!!

What Nila states is defintely an issue - the Pc can be the very center of the home entertainment center - to prevent the pc from playing an audio cd is downright wrong…

Oh yeah, just a note to Micheal or any FAG record companies, I just downloaded the Ripped copy of this right now deliberately because you said it cant be copied, it’s a not bad song. Am I gonna buy it?? Did you just ask that?? Why should I when you’ve rigged it so I cant listen to it! FAGS!

I downloaded that song from Gnutella a few weeks ago.Either the cd was cracked or there are unprotected copies available out there.:7

The biggest problem with cd protections that cannot be copied and cannot be ripped (according to the RIAA) is that fact that people like Philips (make stand-alone burners) can sue for damages caused by the copy protection since no one be able to use their equipment to copy the songs. Also, people like Sony and other people who have portable MP3 players could sue for damages for the same reason. So the RIAA is playing with fire, they can be sued, but the question is: who will sue them?

Hmm. The protection looks like media cloq new version or CDS-100. If it is CDS-100. Then rip it raw with a plextor drive ussing CDR-WIN.

Oops. I seem to be wrong seems that it is a new protection named key2audio

This sounds like the Sony DADC key2audio “protection”. This protection is a joke and is dead easy to bypass in two ways!!! 1st way is: The disc is multisession and it is the rom part that messesup the drive just getout your old 2x that can´t read multisession and ripp away!!! 2:nd is realy lotech. You can se a ring on the outer diamature of the disc, this is where the audio ends and the rom begins, now get this! Take a non permanent marker and draw over the rom in a few places close to the ring. Now first start you pc cdplayer the insert the disc. The drive will access the first TOC get the info that there is also rom on the disc. The drive will now try to access the second TOC. But what will it find??? Only errors!!! 9/10 drives will now asume that the first TOC was incorrect and that the disc was infact only an audio!!! Once the drive is fooled all rippers copiers and player will work !!! NICE ONE SONY !!!

Does anyone know of a program to temporarily disable multisession reading on a cd-r? BTW, could one use nero’s cd-info and rip music off there if it is key2audio protected?