Michael Jackson not guilty



Jackson found not guilty of any charges




damn! :a


I was hoping he was going to be found guilty :frowning:


Does this mean he’s a media darling again or shall we gang up on him as usual? Or are we, as a culture, indifferent? I know I am: most decidedly so.


Im annoyed that he got off scott-free… Hes guilty in my mind. No smoke without fire!



money talks bullshit walks


I just got home and heard it on the radio. I agree with VirusHack. At least he should have been found guilty of providing alcohol if not all there have been to many accounts of this for him.


may be he is just not guilty ?!?


money talks :smiley:



Surprised me - eh!



I didn’t think he had that much money left…I guess he had enough left for 12 though.


monkey lover


I don’t think he molested the kids. But I certainly think he’s a psychological screw-up.


yeah he is he already must have drank like a gallon of bleach


Who cares!!!


No smoke without fire!

Perhaps there are Weapons Of Mass Destruction™ hidden in Neverland™ :cool:




If he went to jail, would he have had anal rapage, or left alone :stuck_out_tongue:

Think about THAT one :wink:


Me too :iagree: