Michael Clayton Broke My DVD Player and MY XBOX 360 please help!



I burned Michael Clayton with Ripit4Me and put it in my DVD player and halfway through the movie I paused it and came back and it was stuck. So I ejected the disc and put it back in and all of a sudden my DVD player said there was no disc. So I put it in my XBOX 360 and it said unplayable disc. Ever since the dvd player always says no disc no matter what I put in it and my xbox won’t play movies games or even cd’s. It just comes up unplayable disc. What the hell happened PLEASE help.


I would be on to Michael Clayton strait away and asking him about it and what happened ???


Does your player not recognize commercial disc as well as burned?
We need specifics, player type,media used, burning sw( e.g. VSO,Ner0,Imgburn)…
Also the Xbox 360 will not play mpeg1/2 directly from disc,only supports streaming…If you want to play from disc,then you’ll have to convert DVD to AVI, or mp4 format…