Miami Vice



So i can rip the DVD to my hd but when I try to burn to a DL disk, a windows C++ program terminates my DVD cloner IV program.

Any idea whats going on?
Anyone successfully copied this movie?
Thanks for the help.


It sounds like you’ve got the wrong CloneDVD program.
There’s a rip-off variety that isn’t the Slysoft CloneDVD2.


Wow I feel so…used!
Any way I could verify that? Or be sure that next time I get the correct software?
Thanks for the heads up!


what did you pay for that software?


If you got your crappy DVD Cloner 4 or whatever the hell that piece of garbage is called from, you got screwed. Get your money back and go to and purchase the real thing. CloneDVD2 is what you want.