Miami Vice Issues!

I’m not really having any problems, only fitting it on one DVD after compression with DVD Shrink…
anyone know a better way to save time and disc’s? :confused:


If the volume of the disc is simply too large, DVD Shrink will not be able to compress it enough so it’ll fit on one disc. I’ve had this problem in the past myself. I suggest you try using programs like DVDFab Platinum, DVDXCopy Express or 1Click DVD Copy. These programs will automatically compress & copy the entire disc if you wish, or copy the “movie only” with little or no compression. I suggest “movie only” for the least amount of time it takes to copy & burn, & for best quality.

As I recall, when I did that movie I used 2 discs with Shrink.

I used ripit4me with fixvts,dvdshrink and burned with dvddycrypter. The movie fit on one disk. But I did just burn the movie only. I never back up the whole dvd I never watch the boring extras,director and actor interviews.

Got mine on 1 SL disk with AnyDVD and CloneDVD

I got mine on 1 disk with anyDVD and Clone DVD.

I did not “clone the disk” instead I just copied the movie and preserved the menu.

You could always burn to a Dual layered disk also