MI:3 & Dual Layer Back up

Greetings All,

My boss has a new laptop with a DVD burner on it. I’m teaching him how to make DVD back ups with his laptop. We have a DVD burner that is not dual layer capable, Roxio Creator DE, and Windows DVD Maker. I also have the latest free trial of AnyDVD. All this on Vista.

We were trying Mission Impossible 3 when I noticed it was dual layered. I figured it would have to be split onto two discs. I can not locate anything during the “Copy Disc” mode to split to two discs. It says cant do, won’t do when I try to copy it anyway.

I can rip it to the hard drive, but can’t figure out how to get the files onto two DVDs.

Am I missing an obvious step somewhere along here? I appreciate any help you can give me.


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Hey myowneq

There is a great piece of software for this called DvDFAb Platinum ( 30 day trial period ) you will find in my sig the download link. You will want to use split mode which will enable you to put it on two disks if you don’t want to purchase DL media. If you want to purchase DL media make sure it’s Verbatim DvD+R DL and booktype it to DvD-Rom and use clone mode.

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